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I am Matthew Tramp, 2014 Candidate for the Nevada State Assembly and I would like to be your next Assemblyman for District 3.

I have worked most of my life in the Food and Beverage Service Industry both as a food server and bartender including the casino industry here in Las Vegas. I know from my own personal experience the effects the economy did to the Las Vegas area and the casino industry.

If elected, I will use those same customer service skills that I have developed in my own profession and apply them as legislator to represent District 3 in Carson City.

I am committed to work for what is best for the citizens in my district, NOT out of state think tanks or special interest groups that have no vested interest in Nevada. I will be an independent voice and vote on policy that I believe is best for my district, city or state. If elected as a legislature, I will work with fellow with legislatures, that I share common interest, regardless of political party or region.

I would appreciate your support and look forward to visiting with you and discussing any issues or concerns you have.

Thank You
Matthew Tramp

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